Business with the Board

The Board of Elections creates, releases, and awards bids for equipment, materials, and services in accordance with Chapters 307, 3501, and 3505 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Requests for Bids or Proposals (RFB / RFP)

There are currently no open bids or proposals.

You Must be Registered to do Business with Us

In order to conduct business with the Board of Elections, a vendor must be registered with Infor Online, the County of Cuyahoga's new online procurement database.

To register with Infor, please follow the link below.

Infor Online Portal
Instructions on using Infor Portal

For questions relating to Infor, please contact the Office of Procurement and Diversity (OPD)

Office of Procurement and Diversity

Voucher Summaries


To learn more, please contact our Fiscal Services Department.


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