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National Voter Registration Day


We are excited to share the annual results of our National Voter Registration Day Campaign!


On September 22, 2020, dozens of community partners and volunteers combined efforts with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and Cleveland VOTES  to provide non partisan voter registration during National Voter Registration Day (NVRD). NVRD is a "nonpartisan civic holiday celebrating our democracy." 


NVRD partners have registered over 3 million people across the nation in less than ten years of existence. Just last year, with help from more than 67 partners, 2,481 people became registered voters in Cuyahoga County. Our goal for this year was to register 2,000 people.

We got unprecedented results! 


 Read our NVRD Newsletter here.


Transmittal Form Process 

  • The transmittal form must be completed in all the required areas. 
  • Organizations and individuals are responsible for bringing the original registration cards along with the transmittal form. We will not accept the document without the voter registration cards.
  • The number of registration cards on the transmittal form must reflect the number of physical cards dropped off at the BOE. We reserve the right to make corrections if they don’t match.
  • If the registration cards were collected during an event such as NVRD or “Vote by Mail Day,” please note it in the transmittal form. 
  • Return the voter registration cards and transmittal form within ten days of signature.

Voter Registration Transmission Form



NVRD 2020 Local Events:

National Voter Registration Day voter registration events 2020


 2020 NVRD Partners:



You are welcome to join us for the 2021 National Voter Registration Day!


It is always a good idea to start planning early.


Go to NVRD 's website and sign on to receive updates about the national event. Contact to receive information about our local collaboration meetings for next year.