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Election Day Positions at the Polls


Voting Location ManagerVoting Location Manager (VLM)

There is one (1) Voting Location Manager assigned per Polling Location.

The VLM in conjunction with the Voting Location Deputy (VLD) are in charge of all activities at the Polling Location, from arrival at the Monday Night Organizational Meeting, until the last person leaves the Polling Location on Election Night.

While the VLM should assist the PEOs throughout the election, his/her primary function is managing the location.
Voting Location Deputy (VLD)

The Voting Location Deputy in conjunction with the Voting Location Manager are in charge of all activities at the Polling Location, from arrival at the Monday Night Organizational Meeting, until the last person leaves the Polling Location on Election Night.  

The VLD also serves as the lead worker at the Voter Assistance Table (Provisional Voters).
PEOPrecinct Election Officials (PEO)

A Precinct Election Official’s primary function is to ensure that the Election Process is handled in an orderly, professional and lawful manner by performing all duties assigned by the VLM of the Polling Location.

The VLM will divide the PEOs into different teams during the Monday Night Organizational Meeting to prepare the Polling Location for Election Day. The VLM will also provide the PEOs with their Election Day job assignments as there are several different PEO positions within the location.

Rovers serve as liaisons between the Polling Locations and the Board of Elections. Rovers are assigned two (2) to four (4) Polling Locations.

Rovers are dispatched when issues at the Polling Locations are reported and relayed from the Board of Elections. Rovers are also responsible for supporting the delivery of supplies, replacing broken equipment, ADA signs, parking and keeping campaigners outside the neutral zone (100 feet from the location entrance). They are not Precinct Election Officials.
Voter GreeterVoter Greeter

The Voter Greeter is responsible for welcoming the voters as they enter the Polling Location and directing them to the next available Check-In Station. Voter Greeters play a critical role in maintaining an efficient flow of voter traffic, which is vital to the success of Election Day.
Check-In OfficialCheck-In Official

The Check-In Official is responsible for verifying the voter’s ID, operating the Electronic Pollbook (EPB), confirming the voter’s current address, making sure the voter signs the EPB or referring a voter to the Voter Assistance Table. Once the electronic signature is captured, the EPB will print an “Authority to Vote” slip indicating the proper city, ward, precinct and party ballot style.

The Check-In Official will pass the slip to the Ballot Official seated at the table directly behind the Check-In Table. After receiving all sheets of the assigned precinct ballot type from the Ballot Official, the Check-In Official will scan the ballot stub barcode into the EPB and issue the ballot pages and privacy sleeve to the voter.

Ballot OfficialBallot Official

The Ballot Official is responsible for providing the Check-In Official the correct precinct ballot after he/she receives an “Authority to Vote” slip from the Check-In Table. The Ballot Official uses the information on the “Authority to Vote” slip to determine the appropriate precinct and ballot type to issue.

The Ballot Official is responsible for issuing ALL sheets of the precinct ballot to the Check-In Official.
Scanner OfficialScanner Official

The Scanner Official is responsible for helping voters with the DS200s. When a voter approaches, he/she instructs the voter to remove Stub A and place it in the Stub A Envelope. The Scanner Official is also responsible for providing the voter with instructions if general error messages appear on the DS200s.

The Scanner Official is stationed approximately five (5) feet from the DS200 Ballot Scanners to maintain voter privacy.
VAT OfficialVoter Assistance Table Official (VAT)

The VAT Official is stationed at the Voter Assistance Table and works alongside the Voting Location Deputy (VLD). The VAT Official is responsible for assisting voters who must vote provisionally and are in the correct Polling Location.

Two key functions of the VAT Official’s responsibility are ensuring that the Provisional Envelope is filled out correctly for each Provisional Voter, and recording each Provisional Voter in the VAT Log.

Bilingual Official

Bilingual Officials help voters needing language assistance with voting instructions. They perform the same duties as a Check-In Official and Ballot Official, but they may not be a VAT Official, Scanner Official, or Voter Greeter, because it could prevent them from being available to provide language assistance or completing their bilingual responsibilities. Not every Polling Location has a Bilingual Official.


Sanitation Official

The Sanitation Official is tasked with sanitizing the voting booths, pens, tables, chairs and other equipment inside the polling location. This person will assist Precinct Election Officials (PEO) with the setup of the polling location so that it's arranged in a manner that adheres to social distancing guidelines and will ensure that these guidelines are maintained throughout Election Day.The Sanitation Official does NOT take on the tasks of a traditional PEO but is exclusively responsible for the location being safe for both voters and workers.