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Employment Opportunities


Our staff has the privilege of carrying out the election process and providing the citizens of Cuyahoga County the means to practice their civic duty and right to vote. In addition to our full-time staff, we hire hundreds of Temporary Election Officials each year to support election operations. Temporary Election Officials work in various departments leading up to, during and following an election. Duration of employment varies based on time of year, job functions, availability, necessity, etc.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections is an equal opportunity employer and operates a smoke-free, drug-free workplace. Reasonable accommodation is available to all employees and applicants. If you have a disability that needs to be accommodated, please contact the Human Resources Department at (216) 443-3200.


Additional Opportunities

Support your community on Election Day by becoming an Election Official!

In addition to full-time and temporary employment opportunities, we hire more than 4,500 election officials to staff the polls, transport ballots and materials, and maintain political balance on Election Day. These positions require a separate application process. To learn more about these opportunities and to apply, please click here.