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Information about the Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application sent by SOS

The Ohio Secretary of State sent all registered voters in the State of Ohio a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application.

  •  This does not mean any previous Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications voters requested or returned were not received or processed.
  • This statewide mailing is separate and independent of Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications requested and returned to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. 

If voters have already submitted a Vote-by-Mail application to the Board of Elections they do NOT need to submit another. 

  • Voters can track their Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications with the Track My Ballot tool. It may take a few days for Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications to be processed. Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications appear on the Track My Ballot tool after they are processed, not the day they are received by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. Check Track My Ballot again before sending in another Vote-by-Mail application.
  • Sending in multiple Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications creates duplicate work for the Board of Elections. If voters do return multiple Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications only one (1) will be processed.

When returning a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application, please ensure all the required fields, Name, Address, Date of Birth, ID Number, and Signature, are complete.

  • The most common reason Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications are rejected is due to voters not providing their Date of Birth.

When returning a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application from the Ohio Secretary of State via mail, please ensure that the application is folded to show the Board of Election’s address in the window.

  • Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications, can also be returned to the Board of Elections via the Ballot Drop Box, learn more about the Ballot Drop Box here.